Support that feels like home

We are a boutique provider. Our service is small, homely, warm and always will be. We pride ourselves on individualised support, tailored to your needs.

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What makes us different

No more revolving doors

Because we are a small provider you will always receive personalised support from a regular pool of support staff in a homely environment.

No more revolving doors you always have direct contact with our management which ensure timely a response to your needs.

Meaningful data to improve your outcomes

SFS has developed software for reporting, medication administration, record keeping, training and staff onboarding. 

Historically support data is collected on archaic paper systems, stored in filing cabinets and forgotten about. It is difficult for families and key stakeholders to find, share and effectively use support data when reviewing or planning for your support. 

Our software collects critical support information in real time and displays data in a clean easy to understand interface that notifies those who need to know how you are doing immediately.

Smart Technology, Smart design

Our homes are fitted with the latest smart home technologies such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, Smart lighting, Televisions, Security and voice are all utilised to give you more freedom in the home.   

Fixtures in our homes such as bathrooms, kitchen and living areas are all fitted with design and technology features to make your stay as comfortable and  accessible as it can be.

New Faces

Whether you need short, medium or long term accommodation, respite, support in your own home or community access we’ve got you covered. We offer our services to both children and adults and are always up for meeting new faces.

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